About bugbnb

Handcrafted Bug Hotels

Every backyard is, in essence, its own ecosystem where plants, animals, bugs, and the overall landscape combine into one interconnected entity. Insects play a crucial role in any ecosystem, and giving these bugs safe housing can only work to increase the health of the environment closest to home.

At bugbnb, we create handmade, handcrafted bug hotels to provide safe areas for beneficial insects to nest and hibernate. We almost exclusively use all-natural materials to create mini habitats for bugs to thrive in. Our rustic designs can easily fit into almost any type of landscaping, as our hotels are made to blend into any environment and become yet another moving part in that ecosystem.

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Improve the Health of Your Ecosystem

Our rustic, handcrafted insect hotels are built primarily with all-natural materials. We build each bug hotel with a selection of materials and layouts that will attract beneficial insects and provide safe shelter. This can, in turn, improve the overall health of the environment in the immediate vicinity of your home. Our insect shelters are built to attract bees, wasps, beetles, spiders, ladybugs, and many other types of bugs. View our FAQs to learn more about our process and materials, or to find answers to other common questions.